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Welcome to Midlands EIT

Midlands EIT has been a service provider to Sasol for the last 30 years, providing specialized Instrumentation services and recently providing lab and process designs from conception, constructing and implementing the se design as well as automating these processes should this be one of the clients requests.

In addition Midlands EIT also has specialized personnel to certify these installations. We also provide Electrical & Telecommunication services in terms of construction and maintenance.

The Company is a Business Enterprise with a goal to develop and empower the expertise of the members.

The rapid expansion and growth of significant key industries has created demand for specialized skills, which often cannot be met within the resources of a single company.

- Provider to Sasol for the last 30 years -

The attractiveness of the venture lies with the fact the services are in demand, and will be chosen because of the unique quality services compared to other emerging contractors. We also deliver unique services such as the development and construction of training facilities such as simulation training facilities, process and lab design, construction thereof as well as process automation.

Certification of Installations, Training on both basic processes and safety protocols of constructed process or lab installations, management of lighting maintenance contracts and many more in line with our scope of work.

Click HERE to find out more about our latest completed projects for SASOL

Midlands EIT, Sasolburg - Our Honesty, Our Expertise, Your Safety

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